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  • 20 Ağustos 2014, Çarşamba 16:35

Holidaymakers, the two Simav'da's population has doubled

Holidaymakers, the two Simav'da's population has doubled
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(Special News ) is famous for its natural beauty and thermal spas in the town of Simav mobility in tourism , starting with Eid al-Fitr charming town's population has doubled .

Kütahya news: (Special News ) natural beauty and thermal spas , famous for Simav district Eid al-Fitr begins with tourism mobility in the quaint town's population has doubled .
25 since inhabitants of the county population Eynal , Çitgöl and Nasha Hot Springs who flock to the citizens as well as expatriates in the summer holidays to spend Simav'da by the fact that 40 thousand was reached.
rheumatism , especially fracture-dislocations , sciatica, lumbago, gynecological diseases , skin diseases, spiritually and physically observed fatigue , kidney stones, uncomfortable and the best healing waters famous for its hot springs ailments healing as well as the summer holidays cheaply to those who want to overflowing, municipal-run 1450-altitude puddles Forest Recreation Facility with picnic areas oxygen collect energize citizens who wish to overflowing .
Holiday Simav'da domestic and foreign tourists who they see daily needs of food, drink and clothing to meet the needs of the week as the Public Market on Wednesdays when they established there is no place to step forward . Simav'da seen schools will be opened this activity is expected to continue until September 15 .
holidaymakers in the artisan SATISFIED
ongoing activity that began in Eid al-Fitr Simavl trades are also quite pleased .
the ice cream Latif Simavl Hodo , \"Natural beauty and healing spa with Simav'da in recent years, thermal tourism makes fruits of the investments now to get started. during the summer months many livens . particular week on Wednesdays established the People our market the step to be taken is not left . this mobility also the most we are doing is working. Simavl trades as we are very pleased . thermal tourism, more investment if done work intensity have increased even more ., We the Simavl trades as our guests the best possible service to offer our best efforts are working . holidaymakers to satisfy ourselves constantly renews \"he said.

Holidaymakers, the two Simav'da's population has doubled" comments for.


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